Destination B1 UNIT 4 Present perfect simple, present perfect continuous Ex. C, D

Ex. C

Look at the picture and use the prompts to write sentences. Use the correct form of the present perfect simple.

1 The lesson hasn’t started yet.

2 The teacher has already written on the board.

3 Joe and Tim have just come into the classroom.

4 Tony hasn’t finished getting books ready.

5 Christine has already opened book.

6 Dave has dropped pen on the floor.

7 He hasn’t picked it up yet.

Ex. D

Complete using the correct present perfect continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Use short forms where possible.

Mandy: Hi Matt. How are you? What have you been doing recently?

Matt: Oh, hi Mandy! Well, I have been studying for my exams.

Mandy: That sounds boring! Have you been working hard?

Matt: Very! Basically, I have just been siting at my desk in my bedroom for the past three weeks and I haven’t been going out all.

I have been working with Michael, my best friend, some of the time, though, so at least I’ve had some company. How about you?

Mandy: Well, my mum and I have been painting my bedroom for the last few days.

That has been fun! And We have also been planning our summer holiday.

Matt: Great! Where are you going?

Mandy: Well, we haven’t decided yet. We have been looking at different places to see which we like best.

Matt: I’m sure you’ll have a great time, wherever you go. Oh, by the way.

I have been thinking of having a party when I finish my exams. Would you like to come?

Mandy: Sure! That would be great!

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